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Who said Hong Kong too small? In size perhaps but not in it`s soul and personality. Every corner in this city giving you full of surprises, if not every hour but at least every day. - Baris Gencel

Aberdeen Reservoir to Wong Nai Chung Gap
Starting Point: Aberdeen Reservoir
Finishing Point: Wong Nai Chung Gap
From the environs of Aberdeen Lower Reservoir, and then higher up, visitors can appreciate the striking scenery of Aberdeen valley with its two reservoirs -best seen from the dam wall of the Aberdeen Upper Reservoir. Beyond the reservoir, and above a short slope, Lady Clementi`s Ride winds round the hills.

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Trail Information
Area: Hong Kong Island
Grade: Grade 3 - Difficult
Type: Walkers Companion
Duration: 2hrs 30mins
Distance: 6.5Km
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There are a number of excellent hiking groups in Hong Kong. Some have regular weeky hikes, others less so. In many cases the hikes are free, but check with the websites as some offer paid services.

If you haven`t hiked before, you should pay close attention to the details of each hike and the levels of difficulty. What is hard for one person isn`t for another, so decide based on your own situation. Check with hike leaders if you are unsure.

I hike with Roz`s Hiking Group each week, where I am one of the hike leaders, so maybe I`ll see you soon.

If you would like your website listing, just let me know.

I`ve been travelling to Hong Kong since 2001 and nowhere on earth has a place been so magical to me. From the culture, to the music and the wonderful people, this Asian paradise has a true place in my heart.

Hiking is one of the things so great about Hong Kong. Just a few minutes from hustle and pollution of the city is a peaceful and tranquil world of nature. This site helps to showcase this beautiful side of such a vibrant city and it`s my own personal tribute to Hong Kong.

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